Creative Image Retouching

Well you'll be happy to know that there a two real people running this website, people you could actually talk to.“We” are Michael & Margot with a little help from D'wayne & Marissa.

As 416 Studios is owned and operated by us, you have the advantage of dealing with the people directly responsible for quality of service you recieve. Your calls or emails don't go to a salesperson or an account manager, they come directly to us.

From start to finish, you’re talking to the top creative designer on the job, so your project specifications don’t need relayed before action is taken. This ensures that our service is delivered to your specifications within the time frame agreed upon.

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Margot is the artistic one, she sees everything. Her experience include work as a Photographer, Lab Technician, Photo Editor and Retoucher.

A veteran of the creative industry having worked in publishing, fashion and photography studios both big and small. Her painstaking attention to detail and uncanny ability to spot mistakes, ensures that our final product is always of the highest quality.

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With his working life split as a Full time musician and the other half as a Network Engineer , Web design and development provides him the opportunity to get his left and right brains working in perfect harmony.

Michael is the technical geeky guy, used to be a pc/network engineer, spent some years as a musician now back into computers.

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