We do work on images to give them a more professional look. That means things like color correction, spots removal, enhancement of lighting and contrast, sharpening , and more. Basically whatever it takes to make the image look better without drastically altering the original image.

The end product should simply look like a well professionally produced photograph, and not an obviously retouched image.


Every photo you take needs retouching, whether it is, colour correcting, dust or spot removal, or airbrushing.

From time to time we also get requests for photo restoration. This is the most time consuming discipline, but also the most rewarding for the client, as it involves images that are of particularly sentimental value.


Sometimes an idea needs to be expressed in a way that can't occur in reality, we can augment reality or even create your own universe.

Image manipulation goes further than a basic retouch, it's anything from removing unwanted elements from a photograph to creating an fictional image from different sources. This is the type of work you would usually see in advertisement campaigns and other surreal artwork.

Done correctly, Image manipulation can be very technical and time consuming. Almost anyone with a copy of photoshop could to be able to do photo manipulation, but these are usually easy to spot as amateur. It takes a well trained eye and an experience of knowledge to pull of truly inspiring photo manipulations.

How Much?

There is reason why we dont have a price list on the website. We know that can be frustating for you but the truth is until we see the image, and understand clearly what needs to be done, we can't set a price.

You wouldn't want to pay a fixed price for something that doesn't involve much work. Conversley we wouldn't want to charge less that the job demands.

That's why we encourage you to send us your image(s) or get in touch. Once we've seen the image and know what needs to be done, you will recieve a price based on how much work we think it will take to get the job done.

At this point, you are under no obligation to accept the terms. We will wait on your say so to go ahead with the job.

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